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The average investment for wedding collections is $3250.

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how do we move forward with booking you?

  • If you’re ready to move forward after our consult (um YAY), all that’s left is for you and your fiance to sign your digital contract, pay your retainer, and TREAT YO’ SELF to a drink because we are good to go!

what's included in your wedding collections?

  • Believe it or not, you’re getting way more than just photos of your wedding day! Every wedding collection includes:


  •   – Custom timeline creation
  •   – 48 sneak peeks (enjoy them on your honeymoon!)
  •   – Access to all my planning resources
  •   – Retouched high-res + web-sized images
  •   – Online gallery to share, download and print
  •   – Printing rights for you + your family

How long will it take for us to receive our photos?

  • “ASAP as possible.” -Michael Scott. Seriously though, it’ll be quick! For weddings, you can expect sneak peeks within 48 hours, and your final gallery 4-6 weeks after your wedding date. All other sessions have a two week gallery delivery time.

how will I receive my photos?

  • Imagine an online gallery that lets you easily view, share, download and print your photos FROM YOUR PHONE. Since my clients only get the best, that’s exactly how you’ll receive your photos (which include high-resolution and web-sized images!).

do you travel? how much does that cost?

  • Yaaaaaas, I love it! Once you inquire I’ll put together some estimates for travel that we can review during our consultation, that way you know what everything costs on the front end (because we all hate those unexpected expenses!). If I’m travelling out of state, usually I require airfare, a rental car and a hotel for 2 nights.

how do payments work?

  • If you’re ready to lock in your wedding date, you’ll need to pay your flat fee retainer of $1300. This locks in your date, gives you access to a plethora of planning resources and covers the time we’ll spend mapping out details like your wedding timeline! The remaining payment is due 30 days prior to your wedding date and will cover the actual shooting + post-processing of your gallery. You can totally break this up into a few different (or several) payments.

    Payments can be made via credit/debit card or bank transfer through my client portal (it’s super easy and you can manage it all from your phone!). If you would prefer to pay via check, that works too!

what if you get sick and are unable to shoot our wedding?

  • Oh gosh, this is a personal nightmare of mine (my husband’s “worst case scenario” way of thinking is definitely rubbing off on me!). Buuuut don’t worry, I’ve got this specific scenario covered in my contract to make sure you’re taken care of! It states that if I can’t be there (I’d have to be on my actual deathbed), then I would send an equally skilled photographer that you approve of to shoot your wedding. And I would manage the editing so that your final photos look consistent with the style you booked me for.

    P.S. I’ve shot over 75 weddings to date and have never missed one (grateful for that strong immune system), so this is a super unlikely scenario.

how many photos are included?

  • Uhhhhh, the amount that it takes to tell the story of your day! I always say to expect an average of 100/hour of coverage (8 hours = 800 photos), but if you have a two hour elopement or a 12 hour wedding with 300+ guests, it’ll obviously look different. Bottom line: I’m not counting the final number of images, I’m working to give you a gallery that retells the story of your wedding day. 

Is it okay that my fiancé doesn’t like taking photos?

  • Okay but who actually LIKES getting their photo taken?! I’m a photographer and it’s not my favorite. But don’t stress, I got you covered. My sessions are jam packed with guidance and prompts that will keep you two focused on each other (you may even forget that I’m there!). The highest compliment I get from my past clients is how comfortable and relaxed they felt during their session (and most tell me that our time together felt like they were on a date!).

how do you keep people relaxed in front of the camera?

  • By keeping things fun (you know we’re going to have a blast)! We do all the planning leading up to your wedding and/or engagement session, and when it comes time to shoot we get to bring all the things we talked about to life. I’m a pro at encouraging you so that you feel like a million bucks, and it won’t be long before I’ll have you laughing like we’re old friends. I’m crazy extroverted and naturally a huge fan of meeting new people, and somehow an even bigger fan of celebrating them and their love. One of my top strengths is bringing out the best in you + capturing your love, so there’s nothing for you to worry about!

will you take care of posing? should I come prepared with ideas?

  • YAAAAAS,  I’ll come prepared with endless ideas for posing + prompts that coincide with your Pinterest board. I always send a pre-session questionnaire that helps me get in your head a bit (which btw is a great place to tell me if you feel subconscious about your stomach, chin or profile so that I can watch closely for those things while we shoot!). My goal is for you to look and feel like a million bucks!

do you edit all images? you can Photoshop me so that I look thinner, right?

  • Of course every image gets edited! That’s a big part of what you’re paying for because of how time-consuming it is. Every image gets reviewed + sorted to make sure only the best ones end up in your final gallery. All sorted images will be edited, which includes color/lighting adjustments, blemish removal, straightening/cropping and creating black and white images.

    I don’t offer in-depth retouching for Photoshop, but if it ends up being something you can’t live without, I can outsource this service and bill you at an hourly rate. Things like blemish/scar removal are absolutely included in my standard editing, but cosmetic changes (like removing double chips or thinning arms) are not. Besides, my goal is to always get flattering images of you IN CAMERA.

can I share my photos on social media?

  • Yes, OF COURSE! You have the right to share + print your photos from any session you book through me. I love when clients share their photos with family and friends (that’s half the reason you get them taken, right??).

do you offer professional printing?

  • Of course! I’m very passionate about you actually printing and displaying your photos– they deserve to be displayed on something other than a screen! To make this process as easy as possible, you can actually order professional prints directly through your online gallery and I’ll provide you with a print release so that you have the rights needed to go and print your photos wherever, whenever.

what if we don't want our photos to be shared on your website or social media?

  • I absolutely want to honor your request for privacy, and we can easily add a clause to your contract to cover this request. However, since this is content that I use to advertise and promote my business, there will be an additional fee of $500.

have you shot at our venue before?

  • If I have shot at your venue previously, I’ll send you a complete gallery (or two!) so that you can get a taste of how I shoot there.

    If I haven’t shot there before, this honestly isn’t a huge deal because you’re dealing with the queen of preparation. Prior to your wedding I’m more than happy to schedule a venue visit where I’ll scout out portrait locations, check out the ceremony lighting and get a feel for where everything is onsite. I’ll also plan to show up 15 minutes early on your wedding day so that we’re extra prepared.

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