Intimate Backyard Wedding

While 2020 has been far from conventional, I am loving the intimate backyard wedding trend that it brought us! Haley and Trevor’s wedding was unique in that they had been planning an intimate ceremony prior to them becoming a trend because of COVID-19. I love that this was their original plan and that they didn’t have to compromise on at least ONE aspect of wedding planning!

Trevor and Haley’s wedding day was the epitome of heartfelt. It seems like the tone of nearly every 2020 wedding– it’s somehow even more emotional because it took so much tenacity to get to the wedding day. Here are a few of my many favorite moments from their wedding:

  • The gift exchange between Haley and her mom
  • The letter reading (Haley and Trevor wrote each other letters to read before the ceremony)
  • The moment they both saw each other as Haley walked down the aisle (be sure to look for Trevor’s teary eyes and deep exhale)
  • The ring bearer was their dog, Beau! He had the rings tied around his collar

There are a lot of things that I could say on top of this, but the bottom line is that this intimate backyard wedding was nothing short of wonderful. It will forever stand out in my mind as a day of celebration that was full of genuine joy.









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