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how I see the world

Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve always been obsessed over the beauty of nature and loved art. But I never felt like I could express myself until I found photography. Just ask my mom what a pissed off 5-year-old looks like when she can’t accurately draw what she sees!

I filled endless sketchbooks with drawings, trying to portray the world I saw and interpreted with my naked eye. It wasn’t until middle school when I first picked up a dinky lil point and shoot camera that I never put down. I FINALLY  had a way of showing and sharing with others the moments and beauty I saw in the world!

One of my all-time favorite quotes is from photographer Dorothea Lange and states, “the camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera.” 

Now as a wedding photographer, I help couples see and relive their day in all its beauty, honesty, and love.

say hello to artistry + personality

meet Leslie Knope as your wedding photographer

For all of you Parks and Recreation fans, imagine me as a more self-aware + less impulsive version of Leslie Knope! From her thorough organization and preparation for nearly any situation, to the way she wholeheartedly throws herself into work she loves, we’re the same. She takes great pride in doing excellent work, but even more in doing it for the people she cares about. 

And that is the attitude and approach you’ll have with me as your photographer. I stand for quality across the board— from creating your wedding timeline to delivering your final gallery.

Oh and fair warning, while I will resist the urge to shower you with Leslie’s terms of endearment, it’s pretty much impossible for me to not tell you that, “You are the most beautiful, glowing sun goddess ever,” when you first put on your wedding dress!


what this means for you

and your wedding day experience

I’m your extroverted, bubbly personality that you can always count on to keep the conversation (and laughter) going. I’m all about injecting joy into your day as appropriate. For the anxious bride, it might be bringing her some water (or champagne), a CLIF bar and giving her space. While for the PUMPED bride, it’ll be telling her HOW SMOKIN’ her booty looks in her dress. And while you are getting a  social butterfly when we work together, you’re also getting a hardworking, driven, and organized business owner who wants to make sure you’re always always ALWAYS taken care of. Sound familiar? #LeslieKnope4Life

While I’m not only technically skilled after over 100 weddings and creatively inspired after a lifetime of being an artist, my personality is direct yet non-domineering (probably the one spot Leslie and I differ). My passion for this job comes from the belief that you deserve not only to have beautiful photos of these big moments, but trust that the person behind the camera has your best interests and angles at heart.

I’m also a Christian, which has greatly shaped my commitment to loving and serving my people. It’s not lost on me that I have been entrusted to not only witness but also participate in some of the most intimate moments of your wedding day. This trust is a privilege I don’t take lightly, and you can count on the fact that I’ll pull from every resource available to make sure you are as blessed as possible on your wedding day.

ALSO, I met my husband while shooting a wedding, so now I will forever be endeared to weddings at a whole new level. 😉

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