choosing your wedding photographer is a big deal

did you know that you’ll spend more time with your photographer than your spouse on your wedding day?

I can’t understate the importance of hiring a wedding photographer who you trust AND LIKE to be around. And you’re in the right place, because hearing about others experiences can be super helpful in finding out what it’s actually like to work with someone! This page sorts my recent client reviews into the three themes my couples most commonly mention when sharing about their experience with me:

  1. Feeling comfortable + right at home in front of the camera
  2. Feeling taken care of through detailed planning + organization
  3. Feeling cared for on the actual wedding day
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photos that feel like they were taken by an old friend

You’ll never feel forced into stuffy poses or feel like you have an outsider with you on your wedding day. From making jokes with your family during group photos, to keeping your couple portraits spicy with fun prompts, you’ll be in the hands of an expert friend who hypes you up like Beyoncé.

wedding planning is intense; you can tell that this is always on her mind as she serves her clients.”

From my first time contacting Alexandra Burt Photography, working with Alex has been a DREAM. Alex sets the bar high for not only service and responsiveness, but bringing enthusiasm and joy to every moment. Wedding planning is intense. You can tell that this is always on her mind as she serves her clients.

We recently had engagement photos done and I was blown away by the whole evening. It was so fun and one of the best nights my fiance and I have shared. We are so eager to have Alex shoot our wedding this summer. And the pictures are just gorgeous.

As a professional, she is an excellent communicator; she sets clear expectations (like how the groom should prepare for a photo session, or when she’ll get us preview photos), meets and exceeds those expectations, and makes you feel like a million bucks along the way. And as an individual, she has become such a trusted part of our wedding planning process (I’m pretty sure that’s not in the job description), and friend along the way.

-Chester Chan, 2021 Groom

we spent an hour with her and felt so comfortable, like we could have known her forever!”

Every second from meeting Alex was so laid back and relaxing. My fiance and I had never met her, spent an hour with her and felt so comfortable, instantly like we could have known her forever! We thoroughly enjoyed every second of it and I am in love with what she captured. Everything we asked for was in our gallery and much, much more! She genuinely was interested in us and what we needed and there wasn’t a moment that went by that we did not feel it.

-Madi Clubb, 2021 Bride

it’s not a photo session, it’s hanging out with your friends.”

Alex makes you look good by feeling relaxed. It is not a photo session, it’s hanging out with your friends. Alex has amazing talent at both capturing a moment and editing, it’s not just a job, it is her passion. She has an eye for what will look good and how to make it look even better. I have never been happier with how I look in photos.

-John Pine, 2020 Groom

her love and joy that she expresses behind the camera for her subjects is palpable.”

We did 2 year wedding anniversary photos with Alex and they did NOT disappoint! She knows exactly what angle to use, her edits are beautiful and her love and joy that she express behind the camera for her subjects is palpable. She made our 30 minute session feel like we’ve known each other forever. She made you want to be best friends with her and her husband… I can’t recommend Alexandra Burt Photography more. She captured our anniversary and I’ll treasure these photos forever!

-Chelsea Hall, 2021 Client

a detailed + heartfelt process

From syncing up your wedding timeline to my Apple Watch, to giving you an arsenal of resources that guide you through every step of wedding planning, when working together you can expect a detailed and heartfelt process.

the thoughtfulness and love she had for me as a bride was so comforting.”

I just need to give a moment of silence for Alexandra Burt Photography. Because she – KILLED – our engagement photos, wedding photos & is one of the greatest people I’ve ever met. Her personality is so unique & after working with her, I couldn’t imagine having anyone else take photos for our special day.

Since the moment I asked her to be our photographer, she was constantly willing to help with what I needed. Confused on how to even start planning? Don’t worry she has an organized spreadsheet that she’ll give you. Not sure what to wear for engagement pics?? Oh….she has a guide on how to make those decisions & what will look best for your photos.

The thoughtfulness & love she had for me as a bride was so comforting. Alex was very responsive whenever I had a questions…..and I had A LOT (like a lot). All I have to say is, Alex exceeded my expectations, produced amazing photos, and made us feel so comfortable in front of the camera. I’ll never be able to thank her enough!!

-Haley Bowman, 2020 Bride

she is so organized and had a game plan that really helped me big time.”

Let me take a minute and tell you all about my photographer. She is SO AMAZING! From the moment we met we clicked like we were old friends . She is beyond sweet and I love the fact that her husband was with her taking the pictures, like how cute is that?!

When it comes to pictures I am so awkward and Doug HATES them but she managed to make us feel so comfortable in front of the camera . She is also the BIGGEST hype woman if I wasn’t feeling good already she increased that 10 times . Soooo happy with the pictures we have already received and there are still so many on the way!

Also planning a wedding is A LOT of work but she is so organized and had a game plan and gave me things to fill out that not only helped her get an idea of what I want but it really helped me big time to narrow things down and come up with a timeline so much easier. She’s very flexible and understanding because she knows how crazy life is. I would 20/10 recommend to anyone stuck on a decision for a photographer. Ok I’ll stop now haha SO thankful to you Alex and your husband Tate for capturing our special day!❤️☺️

-Chelsea Turner, 2020 Bride

her organization skills were next level and kept us going throughout the day.”

I normally don’t get emotional when I look at pictures, but seriously, these made me tear up. I can’t imagine picking a better photographer than Alex. She made it feel so natural taking pictures like having a best friend taking them with fun prompts while capturing our love and playfulness. Her organization skills were next level and kept us going throughout the day. I don’t think anyone else could have captured these gems, and these are just a small sample of our previews from Saturday! I can’t wait to see the full set!!

-Kimberly Delzeit, 2021 Bride

she has mastered not only the photography aspect, but everything that comes with it, like communication and planning.”

Alex is absolutely amazing! She has mastered not only the photography aspect, but everything that comes with it, like the communication and planning. My fiancé and I were very nervous for engagement pictures and are very camera shy but she made it so fun and natural. She has such a sweet and bubbly personality and it is contagious. 5 minutes into the session we were relaxed and having fun and by the end of the session we didn’t want to leave. She gave us previews to tide us over and gave us the rest of the pictures extremely quickly. We were absolutely blown away by the pictures. She did an amazing job and has such a beautiful, natural style to her pictures. She was so helpful in communicating everything possible and has even helped with the wedding planning. She definitely goes above and beyond and cares about her couples. I cannot recommend her enough, she is amazing and one of the best things I have booked for my wedding. I am so glad we picked her.

-Olivia Eck, 2021 Bride

a genuine + loving touch

Say hello to a photographer that truly cares about you and your wedding day experience. Not only should you love your wedding photos, but also how you look in them so you can be invited back into those memories– from the moment you first see your sneak peeks on your phone until you show your grandkids your wedding album.

I feel like I hired a genuine friend who cares about capturing our day as much as we do.”

If I could describe Alex in 3 words/phrases it would be genuine, top tier, and a photography expert! THIS GIRL, let me tell you. First and foremost, a quality wedding photographer isn’t cheap and you get what you pay for. With that being said, I’d pay any amount of money to have this girl as my wedding photographer. From the moment you meet her, you feel like you know her! She is so incredibly warm and welcoming. You know how some people’s energy is just top notch? Well that’s Alex! My fiancé met Alex at our engagement session, and by the time we left he was over the moon that she is the one who will capture our big day. My fiancé isn’t a fan of taking photos but Alex was able to ease his nerves and get some of the most candid photos I’ve ever seen of him.
On top of making my fiancé and I feel like supermodels, our baby boy was teething and she was so sweet and patient with him. If you have a baby, you know how much it mean when a stranger is patient and kind with your baby!
100/10 would recommend! I don’t feel like I hired a random person to spend my wedding day with to capture our special moment. I feel like I hired a genuine friend who cares about capturing our day as much as we do.

-Kathryn Zimmer, 2022 Bride

her ability to make you feel comfortable and look natural is phenomenal.”

Alex just took our engagement photos, and WOW! She is so talented. We were blown away with how perfect they turned out, plus we had so much fun while taking them! Alex put in the effort beforehand to learn our vision for the photos. She even had screenshots of photo ideas from my Pinterest board. Her ability to make you comfortable and look natural is phenomenal. We would recommend her in a heartbeat. We can’t wait for her to photograph our wedding next year!

-Katie Alexander, 2021 Bride

her interest in making us look the best in our photos was genuine and it truly shows.”

My fiancé and I loved having our engagement photos taken by Alexandra! She made us feel relaxed and comfortable while being very conversational. Her interest in making us look the best in our photos was genuine and it truly shows. Her friendly demeanor makes her one of the best photographers to work with. And once we got our photos back we were amazed at how incredible they turned out—we looked like we could be on the cover of a magazine!

-Miranda Riley, 2020 Bride

she knows just what to say and do to make you calm and natural.”

Oh. My. GAWD. I am SPEECHLESS! Alex did an absolutely UH-MAZING job. She knows just what to say and do to make you calm and natural. Not one photo was fake and they are all genuine and natural… which is something Alex knew was important to us. It legit was like we were just hanging out with a friend and they just so happened to have a camera and talent for lighting and posing.

-Neeley Walgren, 2020 Bride

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