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January 6, 2020

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Trevor and Katie: fans of snow cones, This is Us and playing with their fur baby, Baya (who had her photo debut during their engagement session!). Within 5 minutes of beginning our initial phone consult all I could think was, “dear Lord, they are darling and they looove each other.” Their deep affection for each other was obvious, but it was a sincere and soft love that seems to be formed through years spent side by side. The way they spoke to each other reminded me of couples who have been married for a few years.

And considering that these two dated for four years and will be married on their fifth anniversary, my first impression makes sense! They met as seniors in high school through Young Life, he asked her out on November 14th (avoiding doing so on Friday the 13th) and they, to quote Katie, “were on top of the world” as they finished high school. They won prom king and queen and enjoyed all the free ice cream when Trevor worked at Cold Stone (I think any relationship that has a firm foundation in ice cream is bound to be successful)!

Trevor and Katie spent two years juggling long-distance (and it sounds like Trevor was the real MVP for driving back many weekends to visit Katie). On September 28th of this year, Trevor proposed to Katie at Klausmeyer’s Pumpkin Patch (which, small world, is caddy-corner to my in-laws in Clearwater!) on their annual fall date to pick pumpkins.

I always ask my couples what their favorite quality about their fiancé is. They both gave me three answers (because one just wasn’t enough!):

Katie said her three favorite qualities about Trevor were his ambition, caring nature and how cute he is (especially his eyes). I always get so excited when ladies gush about their fiancé’s cute factor, because I know I for sure do!

Trevor said his favorite qualities were Katie’s creativeness, determination and smile.

We decided to shoot their engagement photos out in the Flint Hills and it was the best. They were just glowing with love for each other the entire session (keep scrolling to see for yourself!). My favorite thing about their final gallery is that these images highlight not only their love, but also the deep friendship they’ve built over the past four years. It’s evident that their best friends and that they are so excited that they get to spend the rest of their lives together.

Trevor and Katie, you were a delight! Enjoy these images and get ready for a whole lot more come 11/14/20!

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