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March 9, 2020

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Posing. It’s the part of getting your photo taken that’s likely to leave you somewhat apprehensive. I’m sure you have questions like, “Will I know what to do with my hands?” and, “Do I need to come prepared with ideas for poses?” These are very normal questions to ask! Today I’m going to answer them as I outline what you can expect when it comes to your experience in front of the camera, and how to best prepare.


First and foremost, my goal is for you to walk away from your session with photos that feel as good as they look. It’s just as much about giving you a great experience as it is about taking great photos.

 I firmly believe that the way you feel when your photos are taken will directly impact the way you feel about them printed and framed on your wall. For example, if you felt uncomfortable or insecure, you probably won’t like them (speaking from experience, here!), whereas if you felt relaxed and joyful, they’ll be a home run.

In order to achieve this goal of giving you a great experience while taking your photos, I focus on making the posing process fun and interactive! Here’s how:


While you’re more than welcome to come to your session with ideas of poses you want to incorporate to your session, that’s not required at all. This year marks my fifth year of shooting couples + weddings, so I definitely have a plethora of different experiences to pull from. You’ll never be left wondering what to do with your hands because GOOD LORD that’s awkward. I’ll show you how to stand, where to tilt your head, and I’ll straighten your ring and brush back those flyaways. All you need to focus on is looking flyyy, because you’re about to pull into affirmation station (seriously, just ask my previous clients!).


This is one I feel real strongly about, folks. Remember that idea I mentioned earlier that,  “the way you feel when your photos are taken will impact how you feel about them later?”  This is why I work super hard to make sure my couples feel comfortable + relaxed throughout their entire session. 

One way I do this is by preparing. Prior to your session, I send a questionnaire that helps me get to know you and your vision for the session. It also covers PDA (because if you don’t want to kiss in front of the camera, I’m not going to make you feel awkward by asking you to!). 

During your session I’ll give you fun prompts that encourage you to interact with each other (more on that later). I promise that I will never tell you to look at me and say, “cheese.” We’ll spend time getting to know each other during your session as we walk between locations, and by the end of your shoot my goal is always for you to feel like you were on a date.


I’m going to try and dial back my inner nerd as I talk about lighting. Outside of you feeling relaxed, this is the biggest factor in how your final photos will look. As your photographer, I’ll be paying attention to positioning you optimally for the light around you.

Expect for me to make adjustments throughout your shoot. There will be moments where I ask you to turn your bodies, or take a few steps forward. These are minor tweaks that I’ll make to ensure you’re in the most flattering, BALLER lighting possible. It’s all about giving you a final set of images that consistently showcase you in flattering, fabulous light.


My past clients can testify to the fact that I am a PRO 3rd Wheel. I’ve got a bubbly personality, jokes for days, and an agenda of making you look and feel your absolute best. My goal is always to keep the focus on you two, and to highlight different aspects of your relationship. Whether it be the way you breathe each other in when you hug, or the way you make each other laugh, I want to capture it!


When it comes to preparing for your session (esp. with posing!), here’s what I’d recommend you focus on:

  • Come as you are. There’s no expectation for you to be someone you’re not. I encourage you to choose outfits and locations that are true to you and that make you feel comfortable. If you want more information on this, you can read my blog post: 5 Tips for Planning your Engagement Session.

  • Know what you want. Making an “Engagement Photos Inspiration” Pinterest board with your fiancé is actually pretty great. It creates an opportunity to look through photos to identify poses, styles and settings that you’re both drawn to. Doing this with my fiancé helped us discuss what we were looking forward to most when it came to our session. Once you’ve created your Pinterest board, you can share it + your vision with me. This also helps me map out poses that align with what you’re wanting!).

  • Plan to have a good time! Afterall, you never get to go back to being engaged! It’s a season of BLISS (outside of the stresses of wedding planning), and it’s wonderful to have photos that document the overflowing love and joy you have for each other. If you come ready to have fun and just enjoy each other it’ll 100% show in your photos.

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