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April 3, 2020

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This post is going to summarize my go-to wedding photography outfits (so basically this is for the ladies!). Out of the four topics I’m focusing on blogging this year, Behind the Scenes is by FAR my favorite! Anytime business owners I follow on social media share content that shows how they run their business I GEEK OUT. So today I’m going to give you an insider-look at my ever-evolving wardrobe as a wedding photographer (and as a bonus I’ll tell you how I choose my outfits!).

Here are some basic criteria I follow when choosing a wedding outfit:


My ultimate goal is to look professional and inconspicuous. My color of choice is always black, and like Batman, my hope is to blend into my surroundings. Of course if I happen to own a top that matches the wedding colors, I’ll wear it, but black truly is my preference! 

As a rule of thumb, I avoid distracting patterns and low cut tops. You’ll never see me wearing houndstooth-patterned pants on a wedding day (or in general), and low-key floral patterns and fun earrings are as adventurous as you’ll see my wardrobe get while shooting a wedding.

Sometimes it’ll be by shortening our sunset photo excursion, because I can tell you’re ready to get back to celebrating with your guests. Other times it may be me giving you a few minutes by yourselves after the ceremony, so that you can just pause for one portion of the day and soak up the fact that you’re married! Annnd I’m always willing to bring out my assertive voice and make sure your uncle doesn’t run off to the open bar before we’re done with family photos. My ultimate goal is to inject peace into your day– from the angsty moments of getting ready to the celebration on the dance floor.


Oh man, this one’s important! My college photography professor always said, “the more ridiculous you look when taking a photo, the better it will be.” I love that he encouraged us to take risks and look at life differently in order to create great images. Anyone that has ever shot with me knows that I took his advice to heart and move quite a bit when I’m shooting. From bending over to take flat lays, to standing on a stool for large family formals, having clothes that allow me to freely move are a must.


Remember how I mentioned earlier that I work hard to be inconspicuous? This totally applies to modesty as well. If I’m leaning over to grab a photo, the last thing I want to be thinking about is the possibility of showing cleavage (trust me, there are enough other things to think about). I’d prefer to maintain my reputation as a business professional and keep the focus on my couple.


Weddings can range anywhere from 8-12 hours, which is a long time to be on your feet. I only needed to shoot one wedding before I learned that comfortable, supportive shoes were a must (and a hot bath post-wedding doesn’t hurt either!). This applies to fabrics as well. For weddings in the warmer months, I prefer breathable materials, like X. In chillier weather I’ll wear thicker clothing (like wool) so that I don’t have to worry about adding or removing lots of layers whenever we move inside and outside while shooting.


Last but not least, I always make sure that what I wear aligns with my client’s preferences. On their pre-wedding questionnaire I check in to see if they have expectations or a preference on what I wear. Some weddings are next level elegant, and I pop on some heels for the ceremony + family formals. Others are outdoors and very laid back, so I can get away with wearing chacos and my trusty black fanny pack. Bottom line, the goal is to dress for the occasion!

SOO, now that you know my criteria for how I choose wedding photos, I figured we could channel our inner Kelly Kapoor and have a virtual fashion show! 

Without further ado, here are my my go-to wedding photography outfits, by season:


  • Jumpsuit
  • Breathable pants + long-sleeve shirt
  • Dress (knee length) + Cardigan


  • Romper
  • Capris + short sleeve top
  • Dress (knee length)


  • Jumpsuit + Cardigan
  • Pixie Pants / flowy pants + top
  • Long-sleeve dress


  • Jumpsuit + cardigan
  • Pants + sweater
  • Dress with tights or leggings

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