Swanky Downtown Wichita Engagement

Why yes, you CAN get swanky, classy, modern engagement photos in Wichita! Don't believe me? Let this post do the talking!

Casey and Shelby absolutely rocked their swanky downtown wichita engagement session! Their engagement session was the perfect blend of swanky, modern and FUN! We kicked off their session in College Hill with their classy outfits + drinks at the Belmont and ended with Piatto’s pizza + couch snuggles 😍😍 Who says that you can’t get the best of both worlds?!

As I was trying to choose my favorite photos from this session I couldn’t stop smiling. There was something about this session that was just magic. I can’t quite put my finger on it. Maybe it’s Casey and Shelby’s chemistry and the way they quite literally glow around each other. Or the joy and laughter that constantly overflow out of them (keep scrolling, you’ll see!). It could be that they just nailed their outfits and are all-around gorgeous humans, but honestly I think it was the love and respect they have for each other. You can’t spend less than five minutes with these two without seeing how much they treasure each other. From the way Casey always opened the car door for Shelby, to the way she lit up whenever he looked at her, their love is just RICH. Be on the lookout for how Casey held her close as they slow danced and got lost in each other.

Enjoy this recap of their heartfelt + swanky downtown wichita engagement as much as I did!


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