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How to Order the Right Size of Prints

This walks you through how to order the right size of prints! Consider this your personal print sizing guide. OPEN POST

5 Tools I Use to Keep My Small Business Organized

This post covers the 5 tools I use to keep my small business organized and provides an inside look at how I specifically leverage them. These are tools that I use weekly, if not daily, to maintain organization and focus in nearly every area I manage as an entrepreneur. OPEN POST

What to Wear for Your Engagement Photos

Let’s be honest, choosing what to wear for your engagement photos can be stressful (especially when it comes to trying to coordinate with your fiancé’s wardrobe!). But don’t you stress, this blog post will walk you through a process for choosing your outfits (complete with visuals!). OPEN POST

Where to Begin with Creating Your Wedding Timeline

When it comes to booking your photographer, how much time do you actually need to hire for? And what all can you hope to have included in the amount of time you’ve booked for? OPEN POST

7 Tips for Planning Your Honeymoon

While focusing on planning the details for your wedding is important, my husband and I wanted to put together a post that gives our top 7 tips for planning your honeymoon! Because, real talk, once all the stress of wedding planning is over you will both 1000% need to treat yourselves to a getaway.  1. START […] OPEN POST

How to DIY Your Wedding Flowers

Are you in a situation where it would be super helpful to know how to DIY your wedding flowers? Several of my 2020 couples have been forced to delay their wedding because of COVID-19, but have still opted to have an intimate ceremony on their original wedding date. Which got me thinking…why not create a […] OPEN POST

6 Reasons You Should Consider a First Look

Today’s post is about the top 6 reasons you should consider a first look because they are a serious GAME CHANGER for your wedding day. Don’t get me wrong, you can still end up with amazing photos and a fantastic wedding if you are dead-set on waiting to see each other until the ceremony. Some […] OPEN POST

5 Tips to Transform the Way You Work from Home

Today’s post shares my top 5 tips to transform your work from home habits! For most of us, COVID-19 has thrust us not only into quarantine, but also into the challenge of working from home. If you’re riding the struggle bus, you’re not alone! It’s taken a few years for me to find my rhythm […] OPEN POST

Posing: What to Expect + How to Prepare

What to expect when it comes to posing with me + how to best prepare for your session. OPEN POST

7 Ways to Make Your Engagement Session Feel Like a Date

Two of the most common things I hear from my brides before their engagement session are: “I’m nervous about being in front of the camera– I’m so awkward!” “I hope my fiancé can loosen up during our session! He’s not super excited…” Let’s be honest, these are REAL concerns that come up when preparing to […] OPEN POST
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